Mad Dex

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4 stars

There were times when Dex had everything – home, friends and a beloved one. But one day it all was gone and a mysterious giant hand turned the life of our hero into real hell. His girlfriend is kidnapped and nobody really knows where she is now. Dex sets out to look for his darling and hopes that his searches have a happy ending. Help the guy pass all the levels and don’t stop halfway! Each location will require you to perform a certain number of tasks and defeat powerful enemies. This isn’t going to be easy, but there is just no other way to accomplish your rescue mission. Overcome cunning traps and impassable obstacles that will appear on your path. And remember the main rule to successfully finish every level: jump as high as you can and crouch as low as possible not to end up falling into the abyss or getting hit by moving objects. If you show good reflexes and persistence, you’ll surely reach your goal!

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