Geometry Dash World

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3.9 stars

Geometrical figures seem boring and complicated and only true mathematicians can study them for hours. Not in this game! Even if you are a complete zero in math, you’ll definitely be thrilled with Geometry Dash World. You character happens to be exactly one of those figures and you are about to control it so that someone without hands and feet could overcome all the obstacles and trials and reach the end of the level. Your way will be extremely hard and unpredictable. Spikes, precipices, trampolines and moving platforms – there are all sorts of hindrances to make you stumble and fall. Your hero has no weapon, no defense. A colorful circle, square or triangle simply jumps through wacky locations and the rest is up to you. Don’t let it down! Complete all the levels, unlock various boosts and other pleasant perks to increase your performance and travel at even greater lengths!

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