Soul Knight 2

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4 stars

Earth is in danger! It has been predicted long ago, but since that time, the old prophecies have been forgotten and the artifact that was supposed to defend our planet from alien invaders has been lost deep underground. Who is going to retract it now and use to fight off the mighty space army? Luckily, there is a hero willing to take up this important mission and it’s you! Choose your character and set out to face all kinds of dangers in Soul Knight 2!

There are various classes that you can pick from: knight, alchemist, paladin, druid and so on. Each of them can be upgrades – you can increase the speed of your hero, increases the chance of critical attack or improve your pet that will be helping you. There are various weapons for you to consider. It’s a stunning mix of classic fantasy RPG, with swords, bows and staves, and modern-time firearms, so you won’t be short of options!

Aside from equipping yourself with any weapons to your liking, you can also benefit from various perks. You can select any from three random ones, plus get an extra ability when you reach a maximum level of upgrades. All perks have different effects. Some of them increase your survivability – for instance, you can choose XP boost or even vampirism. There are also other options upping attack and defense (bullet recoil, shotgun and laser improvements, etc). Another handy feature is auras that you can get from sacred statues by saying a prayer to them. As you can see, hero upgrade possibilities are pretty wide and you can vastly vary your experiencing by making one choice or another.

It’s not necessary to focus on solo campaign alone. The game also has a multiplayer that is fairly well implemented. You can enjoy it locally or over the network. It also comes with an additional option – you can choose a ring that will give you unique bonuses. But be prepared that your enemies will also grow stronger since you’ll have a backup! Regardless of the mode you select, Soul Knight 2 is going to be a fun and thrilling experience. So get your weapons ready, step boldly into the darkness and meet your enemies with unwavering bravery!

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