Soul Knight

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Can you imagine a shooter with modern weapons in a medieval RPG setting, with evil creatures and ancient artifacts? There is one and it’s called Soul Knight! You are going to play as a valiant hero setting out into the murky dungeons in a search of a magical item that alone can save the world. To find it, you’re going to get through a variety of levels and fight hordes of terrible monsters. The battles here are implemented at a high level and keep you intense throughout the gameplay. They are high-paced and thrilling, there are both close and distant-range combats.

The enemies are all different, they behave in ways you can’t predict and use unique attacks and weapons. You won’t come across those who are easy to defeat and those who are impossible to deal with, so every fight turns into a fascinating adventure. The balance is also supported by the fact that you have not so many lives and it’s hard to cure yourself if you got hurt, but your armor keeps restoring, so even in case of strong injuries you still have a chance.

But the thing that has made the game so popular is a tremendous weapon choice. There are tons of them scattered through the maze and each model is peculiar. You can equip your character with just about anything – axe, laser sword, poisonous spears, pistols, guns, staves… In other words, there is always something to take in your hands and use as a weapon. The parameters are also different – damage, speed, accuracy, energy cost. An interesting twist is that various companions (yes, you won’t be alone in this journey, at least, not all the time) can only wield certain types of weapons and upgrading your comrade is a separate kind of fun. Sometimes the weapon itself can also be improved – you can either get a better sample or increase one of the characteristics. Some of the upgrades are rather hilarious, among them poison and rockets.

Every weapon can prove to be effective depending on the situation. Sometimes it’s more convenient and deadly to shoot from around the corner, but if there is a crowd of vile creatures rushing in on you, it’s better to grab a sword and smash them into pieces on the spot. And how about things like a flying drone or illusion spells? Yes, there are plenty of things to try in Soul Knight and you will never get tired of it. And don’t forget that you have also a story to follow and who knows where it will lead you? Will you be able to fulfill your destination and fend off the impending threat? Play Soul Knight online and find out!

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