King of Thieves

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5 stars

Do you think it’s easy to be a thief? You need to have an alert eye and sticky fingers, but you also have to stay on your guard and be ready to act on the spot. You’ll have a chance to evolve these skills in King of Thieves! Avoid traps and steal bags of gold from your not so vigilant rivals in this amazing multiplayer PvP platformer. To become the richest thief in the world, you need to steal as many golden coins and gems from your opponents as possible. But it’s not enough, you also have to protect your own treasures. They will be stored in dungeons that you can design on your own, filling them with all sorts of traps and watching your enemies falling there taking a shot at your savings! There are 80 solo levels for you to complete as well as mazes created by others plus you can join one of the numerous guilds to unite against common enemies. Compete with thousands of players for the right to call yourself the King of Thieves!

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